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Something To Talk About  is just that!!  He's a 2nd Chance son (born Spring 2018) that we A-I'd with this fall and are anxious to see his offspring in the coming months. 

Night Deposit  is a Direct Deposit son with eye-catching appeal. Crazy-wide fronted, big boned and long-necked. Night Deposit and The Next Big Thang are half brothers.  Their mother is a Kash x Z133 (Pit Bull) daughter.  NBT is sired by 2nd Chance.  Both have super rib shape, big boned, and are shallow bodied.

Lil' Bueno  is MUY BUENO! He has the complete look.  Great Tail set, quare rack, round ribbed and powerful all in one package!

Can't Touch This is a buck we kept out of Rectifier.  He has an awesome hip and rib shape.

How Bout Dat  is a Night Watchman son out of our top producing dam.  He is ultra long, powerful, tight hided and shallow bodied. 

The full brother to our 2017 Class winner at San Antonio is Rectifier. His sire is Uncle Lucious. He has a super-square rack, as round ribbed as they come, smooth hipped and powerful.

Direct Deposit is a Bueno son with tons of style and product, huge rear leg, super tucked up in his chest floor, and round ribbed.

I KNOW!  is sired by 2nd Chance on the Grand Champion Wether Doe from San Antonio (Red Tail Doe). He has the look and the product all in one. All his kids have unbelievable tail sets and chest floors!

Wolf  is out of Uncle Lucius and Kash x Z133 "Pit Bull" daughter. His kids are moderate in size and attractively built.

**** will get photos of him up soon  ****

2nd Chance is a Romeo son (Schafer Farms). This one is The Real Deal!, All the good words go with him,"Smooth, shallow, round, powerful, clean and WOW!"

XCVR is a Schrank/Bean buck out of Spartacus(Blair/Stultz) which is a Blindside son. Square rack shape, power, width and bone go with this one for sure.

Bueno is by far the best we've raised.  He is a Kash son that we kept out of a VERY successful mating and E-T program in 2014.

Uncle Lucius is a Mack (A90) son who is ultra cool. He has a long, smooth hip and loin as well as the rib shape to make fantastic show wethers.

Pocket Change is a buck we purchased from Garland and Joy Gallagher.   He is out of Snuffy and Freaky.  He has a powerful rack, smooth loin, clean and very up-fronted.

 Kash is a JR son (900 grandson) purchased from No Step Ranch.  All of Kash's kids are tight-hided, wide-tracking, big boned, and muscle packed. 

The Night Watchman is a Kash son that consistently passes his super-clean front, long neck, tight hide and big rear leg to all his offspring.

High Voltage is the name of a Leonidas son (No Step Ranch). He is wide fronted, wide topped, muscular and big-footed.

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